Thermo Mugs


A thermo mug is environmentally friendly

Do you enjoy strolling through the city to work in the morning with a latte macchiato in hand? When traveling, do you like to take a coffee to go from a coffee shop on the train? With our thermo cups King Can we offer you a sustainable alternative to disposable coffee cups. The pleasure and spontaneity, the free lifestyle of a global city dweller, will inspire you from now on with the good feeling of producing less rubbish.

A thermo mug reliably keeps the coffee warm

We still know the term from the good old thermos. Thanks to the metal jug, which is insulated on the outside and double-walled on the inside, which owes its name to the patent-holding company "Thermos", coffee and tea stayed warm or cold for at least 6 hours. Today this tradition is being revived with modern coffee pots and the thermo mug: It can be tightly closed and is very good at insulating the heat or cold. And you can take it with you to every café and have your desired coffee filled!

A thermo mug pays for itself quickly

Some coffee shops even motivate their customers to bring their own thermo mug: a discount on their drinks if you bring your own reusable cup. Given the amount of coffee that most of us drink on the go, these savings quickly make up for the price of a thermal mug that has been paid for!

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