Quality Standards





High-quality products make the best vehicles for a brand. From the customer's point of view, the quality of a promotional item is transferred onto the image of the company it represents. We make every effort to develop and produce the most durable products possible, so that these products please the user for as long as possible and boost our clients' images. We use all this expertise to ensure a level of quality that an importer without the production know-how of its own can scarcely match. And to ensure that this is verifiable, we have all our processes and standards audited and certified in accordance with ISO 9001 on an ongoing basis.


Please find our Certificates for Quality-Systems here:



Offer your customers our reliable and tested products - the quality we provide will make it worth your while.


We are completely dedicated to producing the highest quality solutions:


  1. - Our Research and Development department applies the latest quality and technology standards.
  2. - In our production facility we use only the best tools and state-of-the-art machinery. We even make the injection molding tools for our own pens.
  3. - We use only the finest raw materials for our products, avoiding heavy metals, plasticizers, and latex.
  4. - A highly automated production process, skilled staff, and regular testing guarantee consistent quality. 
  5. - A promotional item is only as good as the quality of the promotional images or text applied to it, so we bring you and your customers our expertise in the full range of printing and finishing techniques.