Magic flow refills


Everyone can help protect our environment. Avoiding waste is a big part. Senator® goes one step further and extends the service life of your senator® writing instrument and your advertising impact.


Once the refill is empty, it is easy to extend its life span and your advertising impact by using a free replacement refill.


We offer all users of our writing instruments from Europe the opportunity to order a free replacement refill via our website You only pay a shipping fee of 1 £.


Don’t throw away your ball pens. Protect the environment by using senator® replacement refills.

A high quality refill ensures a more pleasurable writing experience and guarantees higher levels of exposure and a better economic return for brands. As a specialist in plastics processing, we also produce our X20 and G2 plastic refills in our own factory in Germany.


The senator® magic flow refill belongs to the best of its class:


High class quality ball point


Compliant to ISO-12757-2 and tested under stringent quality criteria to the highest standards


In two sizes:

1.0 mm for all who prefer a clear and fine line

1.4 mm for all those who love more ink flow and thus even smoother writing


Thanks to the quality ballpoint and deutscher Schreibpaste premium-quality German ink the writing is exceptionally smooth and even


Our refill promise: up to 5 years of writing power of our G2 refills

Ball pen refills

Each senator® ball pen is equipped with the perfectly matching refill. We only use tested and standardised quality refills and guarantee:

  • Filling amount approx 250mg (X20), 700mg (G2)
  • Indelibility to ISO 12757-1 + 2
  • Compliance with customary refill systems

Rollerball refills

A characteristic of our senator® rollerball refill is the long "Cap-Off" time.

A rollerball can easily be left on the table without its cap and will start writing at any time.

  • Filling amount approx 233mg
  • Indelibility to ISO 14145