Where are your pens manufactured?

All of our plastic pens and refills are manufactured at our Technology Centre in Germany.

Are you Sedex registered and Reach accredited?

All senator® pens are BSCI, ISO 9001 and ISO 4001 accredited, and we are of course both REACH and Sedex registered and compliant.

How long have senator® been in business?

senator® Global was founded in 1920 and operates in 83 countries worldwide.

We would like to order a high volume of branded pens and stagger the delivery to our client over time, is this possible?

Of course, we offer complete order fulfilment, distribution and storage for call-off schemes, as well as a range of flexible and fast delivery services, to ensure that your product is supplied as and when your client requires it.

Even though there are so many colours to choose from with senator®, our client’s brand is a very unusual, specific pantone. Is it possible for us to have one of these pens manufactured in their preferred colour?

Our Pantone Matching Service (PMS) is available on all of our pen families and our service teams will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Are you offering pens that are in particular environmental friendly?

Whilst all of our products can be recycled, our bio pens are made from bio based PLA.

How does senator® deal with social standards across the value chain outside of Germany?

We are a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and partners in our supply chain outside of Germany need to be a BSCl certified company.

Is it true that your refills last longer?

Yes it is. All senator® plastic pens are fitted with our German manufactured Magic Flow ink, which on the senator® Challenger provides 6,000 metres of writing length, which is typically up to 16 times the ink found in an imported pen, providing brands with an incredible level of brand exposure (but not at 16 times the price of course!).

Has senator® ever won an award?

We continually strive to push ourselves and the industry forward and by doing so, we have been awarded over 60 U.K. accolades for service excellence. We are also the only manufacturer to win awards for product design!

Can anyone buy from senator®?

No, we are a Trade Exclusive Supplier, no exceptions! Our customers are promotional merchandise distributors. If ever we are contacted by an end user, we will give them contact details for either a previous contact and/or one of our distributors in close proximity.

My client has been ordering the same pen for the last few years but is now looking for something different, can you make a suggestion?

That is what we are here for! Our Account Managers provide free consultancy and we also have an in-house customer service team who are available to you at all times. With 30+ gorgeous pen families for every image and budget, we can help you choose the ideal pen for your client’s brand. We are the only pen manufacturer to bring new products to the market year-on year, and with a huge range of fantastic colours to choose from on some pen lines, we can offer 1,000,000 amazing colour combinations with our mix&match service. The possibilities are endless!

What is senator® doing to preserve the planet?

We are looking at each part of our value chain that affects the environment. More importantly, we decided what we are doing about it concretely. As a consequence, we are proud to name ourselves a DIN ISO 14001 certified company.

Are your pens eco-friendly?

Yes, every senator® plastic pen is green. All of our pens contain part-recycled material and our recycled barrels are genuinely recycled (95%). senator®’s bio-based range offers fascinating surfaces and a sustainable promise.

senator® has a large range of pens. What if my client can’t decide which one is best for their purpose?

To help make the decision process as simple as possible, we provide free of charge visuals and samples. Additionally, our Account Management and Customer Service teams are always on hand to discuss which products will best suit your client’s needs.

What types of print are available?

senator® offers the widest choice of printing options. In addition to our screen and pad printing, we offer three types of digital print; perfect for logos made up of multiple colours or with tints and gradients. Our UV printing and High Definition Digital Print are all innovative ways to showcase your clients brand. Our High Definition print is a patented print process and the only print technique available that delivers three-dimensional images and text on a pen. Brands not only want to be memorable for their quality, they want to be synonymous with cutting edge design, and this world-wide exclusive from senator® delivers on both.

Can I speak to someone about the product range in more detail?

Our Account Managers provide free consultancy and a full product management service. Our service teams are also available to you at all times. In fact, we were the first company in the industry to introduce dedicated personnel to our customers!

What is senator® doing to preserve the product quality?

Delivering a high product quality constantly is our daily business. We have implemented a quality insurance system throughout our entire value chain. As a consequence, we are proud to name ourselves a DIN ISO 9001 certified company.